ТОВ "Метаком"


Разработка программного обеспечения для рынков Северной Америки. Полный спектр технологий: iOS/Mac OSX, Windows, Android, Linux, Internet, C/C++, Objective-C/C++, Python.

Our company specializes in creating customized software for English speaking markets.

A team of young, talented and devoted software developers, Web programmers, testers and project managers is open to any programming task. Our professional and efficient staff will provide the best software and web solutions for you and your business.

We clearly realize - an excellent programming depends on comfortable working conditions, friendly atmosphere and productive rest, all of it you can find in our company. Like a united family we combine energy and ambitiousness of youngsters with wisdom and experience of olders.

We are happy to offer a personal and flexible approach for meeting our client’s needs and always ready to discuss their requirements and to give post-production support and update.

Our company maintains high standards of customer service and business relations, taking our customers as precious partners and understanding the fundamental fact - our success is impossible without theirs.

If you are interested in detailed information and have questions concerning our products, services and prices, contact us.


Телефони+380 (50) 912 55 23; +380512 445155, 0512 445175
Адреса компанії79007, м. Львів, вул. Гнатюка 12a, офіс 404
ПІБ директораШеслер Сергій Олександрович

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